Siurana copia
P1050860 - Version 3
Verdon - La Demande
Mongioie - Canale nascosto
Cascate di ghiaccio - Ubaye
Cham 09 172 - Version 2
Cogne - ice climbing
Versione 2
audin 03
File Name : DSCN1440.JPG File Size : 1.0MB (1083235 Bytes) Date Taken : 2002/09/17 13:21:02 Image Size : 2048 x 1536 pixels Resolution : 300 x 300 dpi Bit Depth : 8 bits/channel Protection Attribute : Off Hide Attribute : Off Camera ID : N/A Camera : E885 Quality Mode : FINE Metering Mode : Matrix Exposure Mode : Programmed Auto Speed Light : No Focal Length : 8 mm Shutter Speed : 1/42.2 second Aperture : F2.8 Exposure Compensation : 0 EV White Balance : Auto Lens : Built-in Flash Sync Mode : Normal Exposure Difference : N/A Flexible Program : N/A Sensitivity : Auto Sharpening : Auto Image Type : Color Color Mode : N/A Hue Adjustment : N/A Saturation Control : Normal Tone Compensation : Auto Latitude(GPS) : N/A Longitude(GPS) : N/A Altitude(GPS) : N/A
Arrampicata - Finale Ligure
Versione 2
Saline_Colletto Rovereto
Rio Barbaira - Rocchetta Nervina IM
Tacul_Gigi&Milena 31
Versione 2
Chamonix-Mont Blanc
Canyoning - Riolan
Cima Argentera - Alpi Marittime
Corno Stella_De Cessole 125
Ciaspolata - Val Pellice
GM_Ferrata_09 179
Rocca dell'Abisso
Versione 2
P1030622 - Version 2
Ponte delle Vene - Val Tanaro
Ferrata Artisti - Finale Ligure
Val Varaita - Cascate
P1060761 - Version 4
P1060934 - Version 2
Versione 2
Le duc
Ice Climbing
L1020444.JPG - Version 2
Scialpinismo - Val Tanaro, Gola Scaglie
Heliski - Artesina
Valle Tanaro - Rocca Campanili
Cogne - Cascata di Lillaz
L1010076.JPG - Version 2
Ferrata artisti
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Flexibly Masonry

1The masonry gallery Template is a flexible width template with a smooth adjustment animation.

Try it and change the width of your browser, the images will flow in place with a sleek transition.

Lazy Loading

2The Masonry Image preloader only loads images until there is no more screen space. If you scroll down new images will be loaded.

And if no more Images are available the loader will tell you so 😉

Infinite Scrolling

3When scrolling down new sets of Images are loaded and appended to the page.

That way you can share galleries with hundreds of pictures with a smooth user experience.

Still Search engine Optimized

4Even though images are loaded with javascript there is a pagination backup solution for non javascript users and search engines.

That way the content can always be accessed and indexed by the google crawler